Anchorage Breakfast Program

07.29.17 | by Roger Kresge

    Anchorage Breakfast Volunteers Needed

    From our Urban Ministry ConneXion:


    Anchorage Breakfast Ministries is always looking for volunteers, specifically pastors, to be there for the neighbors spiritually.

    First United Methodist Church hosts the Anchorage Breakfast.  Anchorage serves breakfast Monday through Friday, 52 weeks per year to Lancaster's low income, unsheltered, and socially excluded populations, and to all who are hungry.  Breakfast is served from 8:30-9:45 AM each day with a regular menu of hot beverages, juice, milk, cereal and toast.  Anchorage has a 30 year history at St. James and is important to the ongoing feeding ministry for the people of Lancaster.  The goal is to become as connected and ecumenical with other churches, synagogues, religious organizations, social service agencies, and the business community as possible.  We do not want this to be a ministry only of First UMC, but a ministry of the whole community.  We ask for your help.

    Volunteers are needed: Please submit your information through the Availability Sheet (see link below) and they will connect you with a Team Leader.  They need volunteers that can help every week or even once a month.  Fill out the Availability Sheet and send it to Laura Meisl. You can also fill out an online form at the First UMC website.

    Availability Sheet: www.engagegodfirst.org/filerequest/4107

    Online Availability Sign Up: Go to www.engagegodfirst.org/ministries, and click on “Anchorage Breakfast Program”.

    Monetary Donations are always welcome:  Send a check payable to "First UMC" and write in the memo line "Anchorage".    Send it to First UMC, 29 East Walnut St., Lancaster, PA  17602.  All contributions are tax-deductible.  You can also donate online using a button on the Anchorage Breakfast Program page listed above.